The four type of web traffic that internet marketers should know (English Version)

1. Manual Traffic

This is one type of web traffic that talks directly to the buyer thru your own effort. Just like giving flyers to the people everywhere, finding prospects to your business thru online and offline, Chatting people thru facebook and other social media sites. 

There is a big chance that you will get sales immediately or find someone to be the sponsor in your business in this type of web traffic

But this is not for long-term traffic because when you stop moving to sell your products, your income also will also stop. If that scenario will continue to happen, your business will suffer big time.

2. Active Traffic

This type of web traffic does have a little bit of leverage. Because of the help of social media especially Facebook. Using the features of posting, tagging, liking, and sharing. Your online business gets easily seen by many people that connected with you and your friend's list.

 The disadvantage of this type of web traffic is that they are just the same with Manual Traffic. If you will not do the task of posting, tagging, liking and sharing the business that you offer, your income also will stop to generate. Because the traffic that you have is still depending on your own effort.

3. Paid Traffic

This web traffic is the one that is used by many top earners of different industry in online business. Because paid traffic is good only for short-term success. 

You don't have to work hard for it, just wait for the web traffic that will come to your business and your good to go. There is only one thing you should do in order to get this type of web traffic in your business. 

And that is to pay for advertising sites like Facebook ads, Google ads and many other social media and advertising sites that offer traffic services to marketers. There is only one disadvantage of this type of traffic, and that is you have to pay for your traffic to come to your business. 

If you don’t have the capital to sustain your traffic, this means your income will deteriorate and your traffic will also stop to go to your business.

4. Passive Traffic

This is the type of traffic that being used by the Internet Marketing gurus, top affiliates, and online millionaires. This web traffic is always moving and always generating web traffic to your business. 

The good thing about this traffic is that you can get this even for free or just a small amount of investment to generate traffic in your business. This I think is the best traffic that you must acquire in your business. 

The only disadvantage of this type of web traffic is that it takes much more patience and time to fully realize the result that you want to achieve. But if you don’t stop and be consistent, the traffic that you want will be achievable.

The web traffic that I mention is called Blogging, Making articles, and Making informational videos. When people recognized and trust your expertise in your niche, they will start to have confidence in you and It will be easy for you to offer your business to them.

I hope that this post gives you some tip about the four type of traffic that every marketer should know.

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