How to attract your client and never chase or cold calling prospects again

Are you the traditional marketer who go out and talk to anybody about your business???

But in the end, you experience full of rejections...

It’s not your fault because that is the old strategy that our mentor always teaches us. “Go out and prospects all people within your range,” I think that strategy is like a grunt type of work.

Dirty, hard and not ethical at all…

Many marketers nowadays are still close-minded about the latest trend of marketing online. They always say that “you must never reinvent the wheel” But the problem with this phrase is that,

"What if the wheel you always use is already worn out or out of date..."

Do you think you can still use your wheel, I don’t think so. We are not reinventing the wheel but we just replace or upgrade it to a new better one. In order to adapt to the latest trend of technology that always changing from time to time.

One of the reasons many businessmen suffer bankruptcy is that they are stuck in their old strategy of marketing and product concept. 

They are afraid to innovate because they thought that their success will always continue if they maintain their current business concept. But they forgot that their client is always changing their taste and go where the new stuff that will give them more comfort and excitement.

Please get to the point Man…

Ok, my point is our old marketing style which is cold calling will never be effective nowadays. It's already out of tune and people begin to see you as a pest in their sight. .get it??

They become blinded by your offer because they think you just only want their money and nothing else…Sucks aren't it!!!

So whats my proposal??

Attraction marketing my friend or other called it Magnetic Marketing. I know your curious how this strategy works. Attraction marketing or magnetic marketing is already used by some elite marketer around the world but the majority of marketers did not use it or never heard of it.

This strategy works like this, first, you must understand the 3 major factor of attraction marketing. Number one factor is your Message. Yes, the message is so crucial when you want your clients attracted to your offer like crazy. 

When you give your message to every client, it must be unique and gives tremendous benefits to your target market. The term of that strategy is “USP” means Unique Selling Proposition”.

For example…

“ Fresh and Hot Pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes ” 

Is this familiar to you?? 

Yes, it’s Domino’s Pizza, that slogan alone makes there business very successful. Do you know why?

Because Domino’s Pizza knows the power of unique selling proposition, that’s why they use it in their business slogan. There are many pizzas out there that have more quality than there pizza.

But the thing is, they emphasized the term “ hot and fresh ” and the addition of " It will be delivered 30 minutes in their doorsteps."  That's why it becomes so powerful that attract their clients.

When people know this, they become attracted to them because of there unique selling proposition. That's why you must use it in your message whatever business you engage with.

The second factor is you must identify your Market.

Means in order to become an effective marketer, you must know the geographic or the location of your target market, Then the demographics of your audience or client, like what are their age, gender, job, educational background etc..

Then last is the psychographics of your target market, that defines their interest, attitudes, aspirations and other criteria that tells their behavioral activities.

So that your message will go to the right people that thirsty in your offer. The last is that you must know what is the best Media that will help you expose your message to all your target market.

A media that you can always use whenever and wherever you want to follow up in your prospects. Because repeating your message or exposing it repeatedly is very important to increase or boost your sales.

So what form of media should I use in following up my clients???

That’s a good question..the answer for that is thru EMAIL. Yes, email is a very important form of media in terms of giving your message and repeating it to your clients or customers, because not all people purchase in there first exposure of your offer. 

There are many factors why your clients still not grab your offer in the first exposure, maybe they need more time to analyze, they want more information, or they are distracted by other things, like family, co-workers etc...

But if you will use the repeat method, or they call it to follow up. Then there is a big chance you will get the sales until they will resonate in your offer.

" If you combine the right message, the right market, and the right media. This is the time you will become a welcome guest in their sight and become a magnetic marketer "

But that's not all...

They begin to call or email you, they will be curious and want to have what you offer to them, Then your sales will explode like crazy!!! 

That's if... If you will implement this advice exactly what I've told.! Then you will become a magnetic marketer and achieve whatever you want in your life.

I hope you value this information that I myself always use for some time now. Being a magnetic marketer or attraction marketer is the only way to dominate your competition in your business. 

And I'm sure you will never be the same lousy marketer again. Congratz!!!

I always mention this in my every post call to action, but I will continue to remind it to you. If you really want to know more and become one of our community. I will teach you how you can dominate whatever business you have. But in one condition!!!.

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