Proven techniques and strategy to win the binary system in MLM Business!!

Want to know how you can make your binary system like a faucet of cash???

We all been there…done this and done that, Yes, it’s like a roller coaster ride that makes us dizzy and wanna stop the engine and get out the hell of it and QUIT!!!

It’s so frustrating and can demoralize your way of thinking on where and why you still failed in your MLM business. But somehow, somewhere…There are few people who got lucky and make a lot of money doing it.

Where did I do wrong???

I work hard, I invite a lot of people and make presentations even in the comfort room (LOL) But seriously..did you ever try to analyze your strategy or techniques in your MLM business??? 

Did you know that even a single negligence of simple and proven strategy has a very big factor in the success and failure of your MLM business?

There are so many important factors to be considered when you are starting to build your MLM organization. But there is one thing that I think is the most important strategy that you must always put in the mind of all your business teammates.

And that is making the wise and effective implementation of your binary team structures.

What do I mean by that!!

What I mean is that you must place your team in the very best structural position that everyone will benefit in the long run. I called this “The Perfect BINARY STRUCTURE!!! 

Or many big hitter name it…POWER LEG STRUCTURE!!

The common practice of many network marketers is when they start their business, they go out and recruit like crazy hoping to become a millionaire in the future. Or any other reason why they enter the world of MLM.

But the problem is, they structured their binary system in the wrong way.
Yes, they have a lot of people, but they implement the weak form of strategy which is“ FILLING METHOD “

That’s why they have multiple accounts, either 3 slot, 7 slots or more. Then they fill every account of there downlines of spill over just to make there binary structured look like overwhelming of members.

But they did not realize that they implemented the weakest method of the binary structuring of there organization. This method is slow and cannot make a team unity and motivation to every leader in your team. 

So the result is you prioritized certain teams in your organization and neglect other teams because of so many diversify of account that you fill in.

Remember this….

You cannot do the all the tasks of monitoring all your accounts team if you fill in every account you have at the same time!!! Impossible…

Only if your lucky enough to have BIG HITTERS on every account you have. But that is one in a million chance to happen!!!

So the best way to structure your accounts is to implement the “ ONE LINE POWER LEG “ The purpose of this is to focus on your main or first account. In every binary system, there is daily/weekly and monthly maximum capped in your binary earnings.

If you scatter your focus in all direction of your accounts, the momentum of reaching your maximum binary capped will be affected.

But if you focus all your attention first on your first account, the chance of getting your maximum monthly capped will easily be materialized. 

But the most important benefits of this strategy is to give your team a sense of motivation because they have already the advantage in the binary structure. They will only have to concentrate on their other legs to earn in binary pairing bonus.

The fact is...

This method is fast, effective, wise and the best strategy when your starting to build your team in the binary system of MLM. But even you have a power leg but don’t have enough skills to build a team on your next leg...

Still, it's useless!! Power legging is just a fraction of overall techniques in MLM business. If you want to succeed in this arena.

You must dedicate, commit and train yourself with the right people with the right teachings…

I really love this industry..even though that majority of people failed in this business, But still, you cannot deny the fact that MLM business is the best way to leverage your business. 

With the small amount of capital, you can level or surpass the income of big traditional big establishments like Jollibee, mcdo and any other franchise business that you can think...

The real lesson here is that…

Don’t afraid to try and move away from your comfort zone. learn from every mistake that you commit so that you will be strong enough to handle difficulties in your business and you can analyze the best and effective techniques in your business.

That’s it…You know now how to effectively structure your team in the binary system. If you want to be updated in my next post..feel free to subscribe to my blog using your email. And be the best Network Marketer in your company!

We already know that there is nothing greater than uniting as a team in any business if you want to succeed fast. That’s why I'm committed as a leader in my MLM business to implement all the best strategy and techniques to help every member of my team to achieve financial and time freedom.

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