Four network marketing setbacks that every distributor must aware

Many network marketers quit because of this four setbacks that make them off guard after they join their MLM company. And this is the main reason why the failure rate in MLM is very high.

They don’t know the harsh reality of the network marketing industry, they thought that seeing someone succeed in MLM is guaranteed that they can do it also. But unfortunately, they did not see the hard work and sacrifices that persons have gone before he achieves the pinnacle of success in MLM.

Many MLM meetings and presentations never mention this setback in MLM because they are afraid that their prospects will be discouraged to join the business. 

They used sweet talks and false promises (AKA HYPE) just to convince their prospects that to become successful in MLM business is easy as 123 and their dream will become a reality.

So the poor newcomer will have high expectation about the business not knowing the upcoming struggles that he must surpass in order to achieve financial and time freedom in MLM.

So this is the list of four setbacks that a new mlm distributor must understand before he/she go to the battle of network marketing business.

1. Rejection
Yes, you read it right. Rejections are one of the setbacks that kill the dreams of the majority of network marketers. If you are not aware of this, and you are not prepared to faced rejection in your MLM, then your rate of success in MLM is slim to none. You must face the rejection that you will encounter in your business, and you must not take it personally.

Because people reject only the opportunity and not you. Some distributors are so addicted to the outcome and they always assume that every person that they shared with will going to join their business. 

So the result is when they are rejected by that person there enthusiasm and excitement will greatly be affected. And decide not to continue the business to get away to the pain that they experienced.

The solution to this problem is not to expect positive results. You must always understand that we are in the business of sorting. Means we are only seeking those people who are open to the business and not those people who show no interest in your offer.

Even the most successful people in the world are being rejected many times before they reach the peak of success. Like Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Jack Ma and many more.

2. Deception
Deception is one of the setbacks that crippled many distributors in MLM industry, especially newcomers. Example of this is when you have a business meeting or events that will about to come, and you called all your best prospects to come into the meetings, and they agree with your invitation.

But to your dismayed, only 50% of those invited guests come to your meeting. So you're so devastated and you feel being deceived. You thought that they are making fool of you by breaking their promises to come.

These people have so many excuses why they did not go, sometimes they blame the traffic, they blame the accident, the misfortune that happened on that day, some said it because of the weather etc..

So many lame excuses, but the main reason they did not show up because they really don’t have the plan to go, means they are just not interested and they are hesitant to tell you the truth that they are not ready to enter in such industry.

So, in order to reverse this experienced, you must aware that 50% of your invited guess will not come or show up, it is just the way it is. It’s the nature of MLM. So, when you're ready for the outcome, then you will not be hurt or disappointed because you already know that this will happen every time.

3. Apathy
This set back is when your prospects already have seen your presentation. And show some interest in the business. But they're not ready to join. Either they are out of a budget or they don’t want you to be disappointed and make some promises to join but never intend to do it.

So, you feel dismayed and frustrated, You think that this whole thing is just don’t work for you. You create doubt in your mind, you begin to listen to your negative thoughts. Until you decide to quit the industry. Not knowing that success is already very near in your hand. 

Just don’t quit and continue to persist and have faith that what you are doing will change their lives as long as you keep the fire in your heart burning.

Another solution is to accept the fact that this scenario will always happen in your business. Just always remember the SW rules, some will join, some will not, so what, somebody is waiting. Then your results will definitely change when you shift your mindset to the right path and way of thinking about our business.

4. Attrition
This is one setback that many seasoned network marketers give up easily when this happens in their organization. They are not prepared for this devastating experienced. 

They thought that they can hold their leaders in the neck and make them as their own property. But in reality, this will never happen. Every network marketers have their own dreams, plan, the way of thinking, ideas, and belief about the business industry.

This a great blow to many leaders in our industry when their top distributors will decide to quit and go to another journey in their life, either they will jump ship on another deal or totally leave the industry of MLM.

So, the right mindset to this is you must always expect this to happen because attrition is part of the MLM journey. Some will leave some will come, some will come back. It is just the way it is, we can't control it. 

The only thing we must do is to prospect more. bring new distributors or leaders in your team so that if somebody will quit, it will hardly affect your organizations because of your consistent prospecting and bringing new leaders in your team.

So, that’s it. Apply this tip in your MLM business and I will guarantee you that you will prosper and become a top earner in your current MLM company.

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