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Hello Guyz,

I want to introduce myself, my name is Edward Abenon Lindo. I was born in New Matina, S.I.R, Davao City, Philippines.

And I'm currently residing in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte, Philippines.

About my age and status??  Secret ;) (Confidential) lol

I have a brother who passed away when he is still one year old, so I'm the only son of my parents that they raised until they passed away.

My father is an entrepreneur, That's why I inherit his entrepreneurial interest since then.  I had experienced many jobs and traditional business in my early days. But somehow I'm not contented with my life.

I want the financial freedom that will continue to operate even without my presence. So I search on the internet what is the best business option. So I'm lucky enough to find a business that I think will materialize my dreams.

I was Introduced to an MLM business by one of my close friends, back then I don't have any idea what kind of business does MLM have. But when I understand the power of leverage that MLM can give to market the business.

I hooked up with the idea since then...

I was in love with this industry..so the journey begins. But to my frustration, MLM is so hard to market when you don't have enough patience and necessary skills to persist. So I jump from one company to another thinking that I have to find the company that will resonate my taste.

Until I stumble thru online the power of automation and attraction marketing. But the marketing style is so different from what my mentors teach in MLM industry. But because I'm so eager to learn new things that will higher up my marketing knowledge. I devoted myself to learning this Internet marketing Industry.

So I applied the Internet Marketing strategy and traditional MLM system to create a powerful combination of marketing system that I think will explode my online MLM business. So I am so confident that thru this online marketing system that I learn will help me and all fellow marketers and entrepreneurs around the world.

That's why I created this blog for giving important tips in making money online the right and ethical way. There are so many scams online right now, So I wrote this blog post to educate my fellow Internet Marketers and Network Marketers to be on guard and learn the right way to market their business online effectively and wisely.

If you want to know my main business, feel free to visit this website and let's be united to make a change in MLM business around the world.

Join Us Now!

Edward Lindo

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