Why babysitting your team is a sure way to failure

Many great MLM company organization is being ruined by this team management habit that kills their organizational growth.

Many leaders thought that in order to expand the volume of their team is too focused on developing the depth of their organizational legs. 

When they start collecting enough frontlines of leaders and stop recruiting, 
they assume that by developing the depth of the team, It will continue to increase the momentum of their organizational volume.

The problem with this strategy is if you control or force the duplication process of the depth of your team, 

Then you keep on bringing all the burdens of your associates to yourself.

Then the time will come that their sense of leadership will be compromised because you always take the responsibility for all your leaders.

Instead of allowing them to take charge and make their own effort to develop their sense of leadership to manage their own team.

There is no wrong to assist and monitor your team, but you must limit it especially in their initial months in the business. 

Your only role is to train them once and show to them the right strategy of recruiting that you applied in your business. 

Never allowed them to be dependent on you and make them realized to themselves that to succeed in this business, you must have an initiative and perseverance.

Many newcomers in MLM is being deceived by some leaders in the industry that gives them the wrong advice by telling them that even you only have few frontlines, you will succeed as long as you keep the fire ignited at the bottom of your team.

Means if you just teach your few people to find their few people in the business, the duplication will spread like wildfire and your team will explode and you will become a millionaire.

Well, yes it is true

the possibility of duplicating your people by teaching them to find another people will definitely make your team become huge. But in reality, every people’s mind is deferent. 

" They have a different background, the different purpose of joining your business, different goals, different character, different mindset and different intelligence. "

How you Challenge yourself to commit in MLM business

I know for a fact that many MLM distributors want to become a top earner in their respective companies.

But because of the many hindrances that they are always confronted along the way, the majority of them quit and go back to their 9-5 job. 

I can’t blame them for the decision because one of the major reason that they join MLM is to augment their financial problem

Because of the lack of understanding of how MLM works and expecting that it will give them instant gratification just like their corporate job, they failed miserably and decide not to go on.

MLM is a form of business that needs time and effort before the results will materialize. Even in the first couple of months of work, results will be still unsatisfying. 

So the poor distributors think that their results are not enough compared with the hard work that they invest with.

But in reality, if you just persist and never give up on all the barriers that every distributor have experience in their MLM business. Their persistent will be paid off. 

MLM is like a Snowball that rolling up in the hills that becomes bigger and bigger until it becomes a gigantic snowball. Means, in MLM, if you just persist and be consistent in your daily action plan. 

You will see extraordinary results that will transform your life forever.

So, How do you challenge yourself to become committed and dedicated to your MLM business even this type of business is full of rejection and disappointments.