Four network marketing setbacks that every distributor must aware

Many network marketers quit because of this four setbacks that make them off guard after they join their MLM company. And this is the main reason why the failure rate in MLM is very high.

They don’t know the harsh reality of the network marketing industry, they thought that seeing someone succeed in MLM is guaranteed that they can do it also. But unfortunately, they did not see the hard work and sacrifices that persons have gone before he achieves the pinnacle of success in MLM.

Many MLM meetings and presentations never mention this setback in MLM because they are afraid that their prospects will be discouraged to join the business. 

They used sweet talks and false promises (AKA HYPE) just to convince their prospects that to become successful in MLM business is easy as 123 and their dream will become a reality.

So the poor newcomer will have high expectation about the business not knowing the upcoming struggles that he must surpass in order to achieve financial and time freedom in MLM.

So this is the list of four setbacks that a new mlm distributor must understand before he/she go to the battle of network marketing business.

1. Rejection
Yes, you read it right. Rejections are one of the setbacks that kill the dreams of the majority of network marketers. If you are not aware of this, and you are not prepared to faced rejection in your MLM, then your rate of success in MLM is slim to none. You must face the rejection that you will encounter in your business, and you must not take it personally.

Because people reject only the opportunity and not you. Some distributors are so addicted to the outcome and they always assume that every person that they shared with will going to join their business. 

So the result is when they are rejected by that person there enthusiasm and excitement will greatly be affected. And decide not to continue the business to get away to the pain that they experienced.

The solution to this problem is not to expect positive results. You must always understand that we are in the business of sorting. Means we are only seeking those people who are open to the business and not those people who show no interest in your offer.

Five major reasons why MLM distributors quit their business in 90 days

The lifestyle, the financial freedom, the time freedom are among the big reasons why many people are enticed to join in MLM business. They are so excited especially in the first few days of doing the business.

They are so pumped up that at last they finally get out in the rat race of their 9-5 job, being away from their annoying bosses, never will be stuck again in the road rush hour, and get rid of all the debts that make them so miserable.

We cannot blame them, because it is truly possible to achieve all the dreams that they wish for in MLM industry. Many rags to riches stories in MLM had already been published, and many top income earners in MLM already reached the 6,7,8 figure a month in our industry.

But the question is…

Why is that the statistics in the MLM who had been earn in that staggering figures is about only 2-3% out of the 97% that enroll in the MLM business. Is there any secrets that this top income earner had never told us, and they always keep to themselves the formula to become stinky filthy rich in MLM business.

" Is there anything hidden agenda why is such a little rate of success in the multi-level marketing industry happen?

When you ask all the negative people in our industry, they will tell us that because MLM is only for the early bird who gets in first, they get all the money from the people under them, and some say because of the poor products of the company, or the high ticket price of the entry packages of the company.

And some say many people fail in MLM because of lack of skills, like talking in front of a mass crowd of people, or lack of education, lack of experience in the business, or they are the introvert type of people. They are not sociable, lack of connections, or lack of financing to sustain the operation of the business.

Means they all blame all the misfortunes or failure of their MLM business in the external factors. They blame their leaders for lack of support, they blame the company because lack of financial rewards, lack of tools to help n their marketing.