What is 3 major factor to ensure your success in any business?

Maybe you always ask???

Why is that Majority of people fails and few people get into the stage of life that they don’t have to worry financial aspects anymore? Is there any formula to succeed or are they just lucky in life?

Well, The truth is there is 3 major factor that you should know in order for you to succeed in any ventures of business you may have.

First is You must Know Your Numbers...

means you must identify where is your strength is, how much people joining your opportunity versus how much people saw your business presentation.

Knowing your ration will make your marketing plan easier because you already know how much effort you will exert in order to reach your target goal.

For example, your income goal this first quarter is to earn $2,700. So it means you should earn at least $30/day in an order for you to achieve that income level. 

So if you're asking me, How do I earn $30/day ?? Well, I'm giving my example here in my current company. Which have 10% direct referral and 10% Binary Bonus?

So, The entry level or package I choose to promote is the $100 package. Means I will have $10 Direct referral, $10 Binary Bonus.

So, If I will duplicate the power of 2, I can achieve this to turn my $100 into $27,000 after 3 months. So, in order to do this, I must have known my Conversion ratio...

So, for example, I have 2% conversion ratio out of 100 leads. Then I can make some paid ads that I can measure the leads coming in so that I will reach the 2 people challenge every day.

Then the second factor of success is Focus

It sounds so basic, but many people fail to maintain this factor because of many hindrances or high failure rate they experience. Focus is so important if you want to get ahead in any business. 

Because without it, you will always struggle and you will only waste your effort if you change direction.

We always heard about a quote that says, "you must not put all your eggs in one basket," so the results, many entrepreneurs fail to interpret this quotes, they think that going numerous company will benefit them. 

But they did not know that it will only slow down their progress and rate of success. Because your attention is already scattered and your energy is not focussing on one activity.

The third factor of success is Consistency

Yes, consistency is very important to reach your income goal. Even if your focus and have the ability to identify your ratio, If you lack consistency... 

You will still struggle because consistency will be the vehicle that will drive you from where you want to go. 

The consistent person beats the faster person who always pauses and stops there daily productive action.

So that's it...I hope you apply this 3 success factor in order you reach your goal, in financial aspects or any goal you have in your life.

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