Simple DMO that will help increase the growth of your MLM Business

If you want to get ahead in your MLM business, You must have an effective and duplicatable blueprint system that you can follow and to all your downlines in your networking marketing business.

Many MLM distributors are struggling to increase their organizational volume because of lack of duplication among each leader. 

They don’t have the same exact strategy that their successful sponsor does in the daily activities of their business. 

If you cannot develop or provide a system that can be copied by your team, then the growth of your business will never reach the astronomical volume that you always wanted.

DMO or Daily Method of Operation is very critical for the success of your business. It is the system that will make you money from all your other marketing activities.

If your new distributors have no DMO or daily method of operation that they can follow, then each of them will make their own system that is unproven and ineffective.

They will start to do the common wrong activities that the majority of the network marketers do, like focusing their attention on perfecting every marketing strategy that they want to implement.

And they wasted so much time on scrolling in facebook newsfeed, watching videos, engaging on every viral pictures or post in facebook

Unrealizing that they already lost precious time in their business. Also, they keep on over analyzing their marketing data. Until all their time are being eaten instead of doing the activities that make them money.

Also, some Network marketers are so busy optimizing their blogs to rank in search engine, worrying so much about every little aspect of their business marketing plan.

Also, some leaders so busy attending seminars, training, and webinars of other network marketing gurus, thinking that what they have done will make them more financially abundant. 

But little did they know that they already neglected the most important activities that network marketing must do in their daily routine in MLM.

Here is the 6 step by step daily blueprint or DMO that you can follow by yourself and to your team to increase your organizational production.

1. Prospects 5 people a day
Means you must find people that have some financial issues in their life

2. Sort 5 people a Day
Means, after you find 5 people that have a financial problem, you must tell them if they are open about making some extra income online.

3. Invite 5 people a Day
Means after you sorted your prospects, you must invite them to your main presentation, 

Either On Audio, Video, Webinar, Hotel Meetings, Home Meetings, or 1 on 1 presentation. Make sure you completely show it to them the in and out of your business.

4. Present 5 people a Day
Means, you or your upline must present the business presentation using all the persuasion techniques so that your prospects possibilities to say Yes will enhance dramatically.

5. Close 5 people that saw the main presentation and ask them if what are their opinion about the business.
Means you should ask your prospects after they watch the presentation if the business presentation that they saw can solve their financial problems. 

If they say Yes, sign them up, If they said No, Move on, use the SW Rule.

6. Follow up 5 positive prospects if they are still interested in joining your business.
Means you should follow thru to all your prospects that said yes but need more time to research of the business. 

Because some of your prospects will not join in their first exposure to the business, they need more repeat exposure to finally decide to join, that’s why follow up in MLM is a must. 

According to them, the fortune is in the follow-up.

So that’s it, 6 effective daily methods of operation that you can give to your downlines to make your organization explode and make you a top earner in your MLM company. 

It is a simple, duplicatable and professional approach that can create top-level distributors even if they don’t have a marketing background or MLM background or whatsoever, 

As long they will follow this system. All your team members will reach the pinnacle of success.

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